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Working in a shop, industrial kitchen, warehouse or laboratory. contains many heavy lift, often above your shoulders or below your kneesl. With a lift trolley, designed for your business, you avoid injuries on your back, shoulders and arms. For more information, contact us!


Personal in an industrial kitchen or pharma

industry, often have to face problems with their backs, because of frequent heavy lifts. cartons, boxes, sacks, containers etc. are all examples of heavy products.

A lift trolley is the solution! There are different heights, load capacities and platforms. (see page 2)

We will be glad to assist you in finding a solution.

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Sjukhuslyften är som namnet antyder anpassad till olika sjukhusmiljöer, allt från storköket till medicinförrådet eller varumottagningen.

Den är lika smidig som den klassiska storkökslyften, och är dessutom tillverkad i rostfritt stål, för att möta upp till hygienkraven på ett sjukhus.

Höj- och sänkbart handtag ger bättre ergonomi, passar alla användare. Det löstagbara manöverhandtaget gör det möjligt att höja och sänka lyftplattan när du arbetar framför eller på sidan av lyftvagnen utan att behöva sträcka dig efter manöverknappen.

Även Sjukhuslyften är utrustad med säkerhetsdetaljer såsom kläm– och överlastningsskydd, samt försluten mast, som hindrar fingrar och smuts från att komma in.

Lyftkapacitet 70 kg.

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LD130P is a quick, strong and very flexible lift trolley.

With a lifting speed of 7,6 sec/1000 mm it is one of the fastest lift trolleys on the market. The trolley is built in modules, which means that you build it fully adapted to your needs.

130P is able to handle loads up to 130 kg and at the same time do more lifts and do it quicker thanks to the new

motor. 130P is equipped with central brake and directional lock on the rear wheels, making them maneuverable, quick and easy to turn sideways.

The mast is equipped with a screw drive, which makes it reliable, durable and require minimal maintenance. The colum are available in different heights.

To ensure maximal safety the trolleys possess a built-in release function, which serves as protection from crushing injuries and prevents the trolley from tipping over.

LD130P is very simple to use and easy to handle, they require only very little maintenance.

We have a large number of standard tools such as load platform, forks, control and counting scale and Squeeze&Turn and our pneumatic expandable Expand& Turn. We also manufacture customized tools in accordance to your specifications.

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L&D 70E are our handy, light-weight and highly maneuverable lifting trolley. The lifter are available as standard trolley, but we have also developed customized versions to be used in specific environments and branches of industry, with specially designed tools and accessories for different sectors of trade, such as pharmacies, larger catering establishments and archives.

For this trolley we have a large number of standard tools to choose from, such as lifting forks and other accessories, please see next page.

The trolley manage loads up to 70 kg.

There are four standard mast heights to choose from.

The trolley is in powder-coated steel (blue) and aluminium.

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Bowl Lifter

The bowl lifter has a width of 420 mm by the front wheels, to make it possible to come between the legs of the mixer.

The plat form is cut out and adjust for bowls between 40 and 60 litres, making the handling of the bowls, from the mixer machine to a table surface, easy and smooth.

We always advocate flexibility and to make the bowl lifter useful in other areas, a flat disc

easily can be added above the bowl-plat form.

This is ligthly placed, on the white positioning brackets, and it requires no tools, besides your own hands!

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